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Landscaping Maintenance

Maintaining your landscape is a great way to create a more relaxing living space. It also adds beauty and value to your property. Our thoughtful service begins with creating a landscape design that fits your home’s structure and available outdoor space.



Enhance the style and functionality of your outdoor space with our patio design services. Adding value to your patio or backyard is essential to your home’s curb appeal and you can do it affordably with our wide selection of patio accessories, products and concrete work.

empty pavilion in garden - boost up color processing


Your outdoor space can be a great feature of your property, as it offers one more private space for you and your guests to enjoy the sun. However, when the weather is not to your liking, there are several solutions to make the most of your outdoor space.



Wood fence installation in San Diego, CA, remains the most common type of fence on the market today, and Aldape G Landscaping is your wood fence company of choice. Wood fences are affordable, offer privacy, and have a beautiful natural look that complements.


Irrigation System

Save yourself the hassle of having to manually water your lawn. Instead, our specialists at Aldape G Landscaping, install a top-notch irrigation system that does it for you. An irrigation system helps you conserve water while promising you a sufficient water supply.



One of our specialties is the repair and installation of dry rail tracks. In today’s economic times, dry track repair is becoming more and more common. Dry track repair is a specialized service that should be left in the hands of the most experienced professionals.



All of our composite decking installation projects in San Diego, CA are handled by talented and dedicated professionals. When it comes to composite decking installation, the installation process is more complex than usual, as composite is an advanced product.

Well landscaped wall of cement cobblestone bricks with grass and ornamental plants

Retaining Work

With over thirty years in the hardscaping business, the concrete craftsmen at Aldape G Landscaping will give you the expertise you are looking for. A well-made retaining wall serves a number of important functions. It provides your landscape with a layer of protection.

At Aldape G Landscaping, we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to making your dream garden or yard a reality.

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